Cozy Blue Cottage | Nashville, TN

Upon first walking into this house, we were met with a kaleidoscope of colors.  Bright purple, green and blue filled the small, choppy space. The space felt dated and needed some TLC.  But the location is ideal, and the bones of the house were solid.  Just our type of project!


It was important that we give the future homeowners a flexible space to entertain, work and live. We took the house to the studs, opening up the main living area and fully renovating the kitchen. Our color palette of blues and white created a relaxed and airy feel while accents of cranberry kept it youthful and fun. Careful details, including a kitchen island that can open to a large dining table and a workspace with built-in storage under the stairway, make the space multi-functional. Rustic accents and our blue color palette continued upstairs, creating serene master suite featuring a modern soaking tub & walk-in shower.