Lead by Caprice Palmer and Deb Campbell, Enchanted Homes is committed to preserving urban properties of character in our growing city as well as improving functionality and design for a modern lifestyle. Started as a passion project, we buy neglected homes in the desirable neighborhoods around Nashville’s urban core and bring them back to life, making your future house a home.

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Caprice leads the design, thoughtfully preserving the details of each property while making it feel modern, fresh and homey. While her aesthetic has a universal appeal, her use of color and whimsical details sets her homes apart in a crowded market of gray & beige.

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Deb is a truly hands-on project manager, overseeing the crews, deliveries, and installation on every home. She’s bound to jump in to help – pouring concrete, laying floors, tiling – whatever is needed to ensure each house is a masterfully built home!


Home Restoration | We buy neglected houses of character and redesign them for modern life while preserving their history and charm.

Home Staging | We work with the Nashville Real Estate community, beautifully staging homes to sell.

Interior Design | We work with select clients, creating inspiring and enchanting spaces in their homes.

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